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21:45 PM - Fri June 21, 2024

Due Diligence
Independent Power Producers (IPP's), investment banking groups, private equity investors, utilities, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and other industrial companies use the due diligence services provided by Delve Energy. We examine new and existing facilities providing complete due diligence and equipment/plant/commercial evaluations. This evaluation provides the information needed by clients considering power project acquisitions or clients seeking to acquire a company with multiple power facilities wanting to selectively acquire projects with the highest potential for success.

  We provide plant design reviews, major and auxiliary equipment evaluations, operation and maintenance assessments, power purchase agreements, steam sales and fuels purchase agreements, O&M agreements, contracts review, staffing, training assessments, financial balance sheet review, spare parts inventories and assessments, lease and easement restrictions, expansion capabilities, and site infrastructure evaluations.  



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