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21:05 PM - Fri June 21, 2024
Strategic Planning
Gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, pumps, and other major pieces of rotating equipment require periodic, routine and major maintenance including inspections, repairs, parts, and services. Long Term Service Agreements can be negotiated in addition to warranties. When well negotiated and utilized, LTSA's can significantly reduce maintenance costs and optimize equipment performance and reliability. Among other benefits, a Long Term Service Agreement can provide predictable equipment repair cost, predictable repair cost for spare parts, and enforcement of recommended maintenance schedules. These agreements offer a way to forecast major maintenance expenditures and take the worry out of your equipment maintenance.

Delve Energy provides the following LTSA services:

Contract and Warranty Negotiations
LTSA Reviews
Spare Parts Evaluation
Parts Inventory Assessment
Technology Improvements
Cost/Benefit Analysis
Optimization of Turbine Inspection Cycles
Maintenance and Upgrade Recommendations
O&M Support and Asset Management



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