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Power Plant
Our wide range of services serve large (900 MW) to small (1 MW) conventional and cogeneration fossil-fueled power plants, gas turbine-based combined cycle plants, peaking power facilities, and waste energy plants.

  New Power Plant Projects
Project Development
Conceptual Design
Design Reviews
P&ID Reviews
Equipment Selection
Project Management
Project Team Advising
Construction Management
Commissioning and Start-up
Staffing Advisement
Operations and Maintenance
LTSAs (long-term maintenance service    agreements) for Gas and Steam Turbines
Permit Advising
Commercial Contracts
Power Contract Development and    Negotiation
Steam, Energy Services, Fuels,
   Contract Development and Negotiation
EPC Contract Development and Review
EPC Oversight and Dispute Settlement
Asset Management

  Exsisting Power Plants
Assessment of Expansion Capability
Equipment and Plant Evaluations
Troubleshooting Plant Equipment/Controls
Operation and Maintenance
Productivity Improvements
Due Diligence
Plant and Process Optimization
Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Boilers, HRSG    Enhancements
Power and Steam Production    Improvements
Spare Parts Evaluations
Environmental and Safety Improvements
Sales and Purchases of Plants and    Equipment

  Enhancing Value
Finding Additional Revenue Opportunities
Gas Turbine Inlet Air Chiller Systems
Fogging Systems
Waste Heat Utilization
Equipment Capacity Upgrades and Retrofits
De-bottlenecking Projects
State-of-the-Art Technology Improvements
Productivity Improvements
Operations and Maintenance
Re-powering Opportunities
Duct Burners
Controls Upgrades



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