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12:55 PM - Mon July 15, 2024

Large Independent Power Producer (IPP)
Problem: Company bought a new 750 MW power plant from another IPP and needed a complete technical/commercial evaluation of the facility. Construction was essentially complete, but the plant was having difficulty starting up.

Solution: Delve Energy Group LLC assembled an experienced team, performed in-depth technical and commercial evaluation of the facility, identified over 30 improvement ideas in areas of concern, developed comprehensive, innovative solutions, cost estimates, and implementation plans. Delve Energy investigated the commissioning/start-up difficulties, developed solutions, and assisted the start-up team in getting the plant up and in operation.

Result: The improvement plans were implemented. The plant started up smoothly and continues to run with high availability and reliability.

Enhanced Due Diligence
Problem: Large Investment Banking Company required complete due diligence services for evaluating acquisition of a large 940 MW combined cycle Cogeneration power plant.

Solution: Delve Energy Group LLC teamed with two other companies to perform complete technical, legal, commercial, environmental, transmission, contractual, safety, training, operations, and maintenance due diligence services.

Result: Delve Energy Group LLC developed enhanced value opportunities; including expansion opportunities, O&M cost savings, and transmission improvements. The client won the bid and implemented the improvement plan.

Cogeneration Plant Expansion
Problem: An inside-the-fence cogeneration plant located within a large petrochemical complex was being expanded to include a new 75 MW steam turbine generator. Client requested assistance in the design and engineering for the project, and a reliability study to identify impact of adding the new steam turbine.

Solution: Delve Energy Group LLC provided design, engineering, controls, and technical and construction review services for the steam turbine and cooling tower project. Delve Energy coordinated four consulting firms and led the development of a comprehensive reliability improvement plan for the site, which included an electrical stability study of the 15 KV generators and 138 KV distribution system, and a process steam system stability study.

Result: The plant operates reliably with excess power sales to the electrical utility grid in peak periods. The stable process steam system for the petrochemical complex is able to handle loss of major steam producing equipment with no resulting upsets. Both the cogeneration plant owner and petrochemical complex owner are experiencing increased production rates, smooth operations, and increased profits.

Large Independent Power Producer (IPP)
Problem: Company needed assistance in negotiating a Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) with a major gas turbine supplier for a series of large gas turbine installations.

Solution: Delve Energy Group LLC evaluated the terms of the LTSA, identified cost-saving opportunities, revised portions of the agreement, investigated the spare parts being purchased, and made recommendations for negotiations with the equipment supplier.

Result: Cost savings of over $10 million (US) were identified and implemented.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) & Owner
Problem: Large engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company bidding on design and installation of 170 MW gas-turbine combined cycle, cogeneration plant to be located inside a Gulf Coast chemicals and refining facility. The EPC contractor lacked sufficient experience with this type of gas turbine unit.

Solution: Delve Energy Group LLC participated in commercial discussions and negotiations with the potential customer, providing technical, design, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance, commissioning, and start-up expertise.

Result: EPC Contractor won the bid and Delve Energy provided critical design, engineering, and start-up expertise and guidance needed throughout the project cycle. The EPC contractor and Cogen plant owner were extremely satisfied with results.

Equipment Evaluation and Risk Management Study
Problem: A large international power plant project, approximately 15% complete, was suspended by the project developer and owner for several years. Major boiler island equipment manufacturer was at risk. Some equipment had been shipped to the site, while other pieces were stored in over 100 locations around the world. Boiler manufacturer required an overall equipment assessment and a risk management study for the project going forward.

Solution: A project construction site visit and status evaluation was performed, an equipment condition assessment plan developed for critical pieces of equipment, and equipment inspections were carried out. Manufacturer's reports and previous equipment inspections were reviewed. Extended warranty and rehabilitation plans were developed and implemented bringing equipment to new condition.

A team approach was used in the risk management study involving project leaders and the EPC contractor. A proprietary risk management process and software were used. This study identified over 100 risks associated with the project (technical, political, commercial, construction, contractual). A prioritized risk mitigation and action plan was developed; action steps initiated; and project restart plan developed.

Result: This stalled project was placed back on track, and construction recommenced. The reinstatement and completion of this project will allow substantial profit to be realized by the boiler island manufacturer.

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